Mini Emergency Kit
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Mini Emergency Kit

Wardrobe malfunctions- you’ve all had them- a broken zipper, a missing button or makeup marks on clothing probably come to mind. Don’t let emergencies like these send you home early. The Mini Emergency Kit has all the products needed to prevent or repair any wardrobe malfunction.

They are perfect for bridesmaids to carry for their bride, perfect for weddings, the races, birthdays, to keep at your desk at work, or any event where you need to look your best!

Keep one for yourself, give one as a gift or use as a stocking filler at Christmas.

Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kits are purse-sized, and contain:
- Hollywood Fashion Tape
- Stain Removing Wipe
- Make-Up Removing Wipe
- Sewing Kit
- Satin Nipple Covers
- Hair Elastic
- Soothing Spots
all in a stylish, pink purse

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