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Carolin Margi
Photographer/ Videographer

Passionate, ambitious, and creative are just a few words to describe Carolin Margi. The simple concept that an instant moment can be captured forever is something that fascinated Carolin even as a child, which lead to her discovering her number one passion; photography.

The works of other photographers are just the beginning of where she draws inspiration from; art, galleries, literature and experiences amongst many other stimuli all play a part in the creative process. Carolin believes inspiration should never be restrained to just one source, she allows herself to be completely open to everything.

Carolin is currently studying at UTS; Bachelor of Photography and Situated Media. She has worked in many fields of photography, number one being fashion! Carolin, has had the privilege of working with many profound fashion designers indluding Alice McCall, Manning Cartell, Lee Matthews… the list goes on.  Carolin also works with fashion bloggers including @stylendipity, @leatherandlattes and @mamastylista.  We are lucky to have her as part of The Style Doctor team, as she is very talented.

Carolin’s ultimate dream, is to become an international fashion photographer.

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What has been your favourite photo shoot so far?

“My favourite photoshoot ever, was my very first fashion shoot behind the scenes, for the label Sabatini. It was the day I fell in love with the world of fashion! ”

Who is your dream person to photograph or label to work with?

“That’s a super hard one! However, if I had to narrow it down to just one label I would choose, Channel. ”

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