Stylist Discounts

We have set up some great discounts with well known designers and retailers for all personal shopping clients.  We are always trying to seek further discounts with new stores depending on your shopping needs.  Here are our c...Read More

Wittner Venom Boots

As a stylist I love the new Wittner range of boots because they are the first label in Australia to introduce a range of womens boots in different calf sizes.  I think it’s genius and it makes me wonder why no one else had ...Read More

What colours suit me?

"What colours suit me?”

"Can I wear yellow?"

- by Style Doctor, Kash O’Hara


As a fashion stylist, I always want my clients to look fabulous and feel confid...Read More

8 Wardrobes MUST haves for teen girls

8 Wardrobes MUST haves for teen girls

by Style Doctor- Kash O’Hara


Styling teenage girls is always so much fun because I get to relive my youth and dress them in things ...Read More