Lizzie jelfs

I was recently lucky enough to style Sky Racing Presenter and Channel 7 Horse Racing Presenter, Lizzie Jelfs for 6 weeks over the Autumn/winter racing carnival in Sydney. 

Lizzie’s take on working with The Style Doctor

  1. What was your role over the Autumn/ Winter carnival?

My role during the Autumn/Winter carnival was the Mounting yard analyst which involved looking at the horses in the paddock and analysing how they present on race day. You see you can do all the form in the world but if the horse doesn't arrive at the races looking or behaving well it doesn't matter what they have done in the past! My paddock picks are the final piece of the race day puzzle and more often than not I can find a nice price winners for the people who follow mounting yard mail. 


2. What made you decide to use The Style Doctor?

I have always admired Kash's style especially her race day attire. It was such a treat to be dressed by Kash who has a fuss free approach to making you look and more importantly feel amazing. From head to toe Kash's attention to detail is astounding and I believe this approach made the difference in all of my six outfits.


3. What was your favourite look out of the 6 weeks? and why?

Incredibly hard to pick just one but I must say the first week I wore this sensational blue suit from PJ Femme teamed with a red head band from Phylli Designs. The colour contrast made me feel bright and bubbly and I must admit there is something powerful yet feminine when wearing a beautifully cut suit.

Style notes: The theme for the first week was bold colour so I put Lizzie in this beautiful PJ Femme suit and colour blocked in with a red Phylli Designs headband. The pants were a great cut on her but the sleeves on the jacket were slightly long but the lining of the jacket was beautiful so we folded back the sleeves to show the lining and paired it with a similar coloured cami to tie it all in.

Kash’s take on styling Lizzie

I first met Lizzie last year (2019) when she had me on her show Women in Racing and we talked about racewear fashion, the trends for the season and how racing and fashion go hand in hand.  Racewear fashion has always been a huge passion of mine and big part of my business. I love supporting talented Australian Designers and Milliners. I have since been following Lizzie and I have admired her knowledge and work ethic within the racing industry.

Lizzie approached me mid May and asked if I would be interested in styling her for the Autumn/Winter carnival where she would be live on camera reporting from the track and I naturally jumped at the opportunity.  

I knew the upcoming race days and knew that it was the Brisbane Racing Carnival and even though Lizzie would be based in Sydney I still wanted Lizzie to participate in the fashion themes each week.

I had met Lizzie before but before I started sourcing looks I talked to her about what she liked to wear and what past looks did she feel best in.  I have styled women for TV before and when you are on camera you need to mostly focus on the waist up with styling because this is what is mainly seen on TV. You also can’t have a look with too much volume as it often makes you look larger on camera so I talked to Lizzie about this too and how I would find tailored or fitted pieces. We also talked about millinery options and being on camera and having to worry about lighting and shadows we decided it would be best to stick with small pieces and since she was the only woman at the track we wanted pieces that appealed to men and women so we opted for headband pieces.

My vision for Lizzie each week was to find stylish, on trend yet conservative looks that made her look and feel amazing in.

What was the best part about styling Lizzie?

One of the best parts was actually having work during lockdown and giving work to other designers and milliners in this time who were very quiet. It also allowed me to showcase my work on TV and to a wider network. 

Another great thing about styling Lizzie was getting to work with Lizzie herself. She is so easy going and placed full trust in me finding her looks week after week.


Were there any challenges with styling Lizzie?

Not with styling Lizzie personally but styling anyone in this time was a challenge. A lot of PR agents and designers weren’t loaning out due to COVID-19 restrictions and a lot of stores were closed so this was a challenge.  Thankfully Phylli Designs, Jane Stoddart Millinery and Eve till Dawn, who are all incredible milliners, were still operating and were able to loan me some beautiful pieces to show Lizzie and style with the looks.  Also GlamCorner and PJ Femme were also hugely helpful and were able to loan me looks too. Trove Jewellery loaned me jewellery too so this gave me a great start.

Another challenge was one of the days when Lizzie came for a fitting, none of the pieces I had were working. Some were too big, some too small and some not quite right so I dipped into The Style Doctor wardrobe and an AJE dress I had looked great on her albeit slightly long.  A quick trip to the tailor to take it up did the trick and I was able to drop it over to Lizzie’s place the night before race day.


What was your favourite look you dressed Lizzie in?

Like Lizzie, I liked them all too but if I was to choose one I think I would choose the Rebecca Vallance floral dress paired with the red and pink bow Phylli Designs headband because the dress was so flattering on her and the colour really popped on camera. I am also obsessed with bows and fell in love with this headpiece and it looked incredible with this dress.

Style Notes: The theme for this week was floral so I styled Lizzie in a stunning Rebecca Vallance floral dress and a Phylli Designs bow headband. 

My favourite hair and make up look by Luana Bickel was week 4 when she wore the Scanlan Theodore dress because her hair and make up was softer and so beautiful. She also looked incredible this day so this was another favourite look.

Lizzie's looks over the 6 weeks. 

Which one was your favourite?

If you would ever like to be styled for the races, an event or have that fabulous look in your wardrobe, please consult The Style Doctor.