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Met Gala Challenge

I never shy away from a challenge, especially a fashion challenge.  So when I heard about the #metgalachallenge, a challenge initiated by Vogue and Billy Porter, I knew this was my chance to channel my inner Gaga.  The Met Gala Challenge had my name written all over it.  Every first Monday in May I am glued to instagram to see all the looks on the red carpet arriving at the Met Museum. It’s my dream to one day attend the event, even if it’s serving as a waitress or a fly on the wall, (I would take anything) so with this year’s event being cancelled it was my chance to dream of being there. 

Last year I was blown away by Lady Gaga’s look or should I say looks. She epitomises the word icon.  The looks were iconic, the entrance was iconic and she is no doubt a fashion icon. Someone else who shone on that day too was Brandon Maxwell, the designer behind the looks who accompanied her on the red carpet.

The first thing that caught my eye was her pink bow because I am obsessed with bows. I always have been and I always will be. I think I may have been subconsciously influenced by my Grandma who we called Mum Mum.  She was always so well dressed even if she stayed home all day because you never knew who would pop in and looking back at old photos she wore a lot of pussy bows.

My Grandma in 1983 (I'm in the pram with my brothers)


Knowing I wanted to recreate Gaga’s look, I knew I already had a pink bow hat that Jane Stoddart made for me for a race day in 2017.  

Above: Pictured with fellow Style Doctor Elisa Chian and milliner Ann Shoebridge in my pink Jane Stoddart bow hat

Above: Pictured with Viktoria Novak 

I also knew there was a white blonde wig in my daughter’s dress up box from last year’s Halloween costume that I could cut into a bob.

Charlotte's Halloween costume from last year

I then had to somehow create a pink look.  I took a quick trip up to Spotlight on Saturday and saw some pink satin fabric for $5/m so I bought 6 metres to play around with. Obviously if I was actually attending the Met Gala as a guest I would invest in beautiful fabric and spend more time than an afternoon to create a look, but for the purposes of a costume, this fabric was perfect.


On Sunday which would be the eve of the Met Gala (Sydney time), I recruited the style nurses to help.  Charlotte took the pictures and Max patiently held the umbrella.

The finished look

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell - the inspiraiton

Thank you Vogue for making this Sydney-sider feel a part of the Met Gala.


My top 5 tips for creating a costume | Fancy Dress look | Book Week costume | Dress up party look | Halloween costume


  1. Know and understand the theme – if you’re not 100% sure ask the party host or the guests to get a general consensus of what people are wearing and how far they are taking their costume.  Obviously for the Met Gala, celebrities go all out. If there is no set theme, go for gold.
  2. Choose a look that speaks to you and something you will have fun wearing
  3. Be resourceful.  People often get overwhelmed by costumes or dress up parties but it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  Have a look in your wardrobe, kids dress up box, Mum’s glory box, Nana’s wardrobe etc and use what they have before you buy anything.  Essentially my #metgalachallenge costume cost me $30 because I already had everything else.
  4. Think about the details.  Whether it’s the make up, the accessories, a prop or even a side kick that you can convince a friend to dress up which will make people know exactly who you are.
  5. If you’re feeling uninspired or so bogged down with work that you can’t give it any thought, ask your annoying creative friend that loves this stuff (for example someone like me) to help, or better still, consult your Style Doctor to do it for you.

Stay stylish everyone, even in isolation!

Love Style Doctor, Kash xx