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HR Summit 2019


On Tuesday the 26thMarch 2019 I was a guest speaker at the 2019 HR Summit at Luna Park.  It was an incredible event put on by Key Media.


I was thrilled to be asked to speak because I feel like my career has come full circle. I started my career out in HR after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Sydney University and I used to attend the HR Summit as a participant in 2004-2007.  My passion for fashion became to strong and I left my corporate career for a career in fashion and style and I have never looked back.


My talk at the HR Summit was on corporate style for men and women to a room with over 100 people.  We all know that first impressions count and according to The Harvard Study of Communications it takes just seven seconds to make a first impression on another human being. Of those 7 seconds, 55% is visual.  That’s why the way you look and the way you dress is so important in all aspects of your career.  


I talked about how everyone can look stylish no matter your body shape, size, colouring, age or even your budget.  Style is all about accentuating yoru best features and minimising the features that aren’t as good (or as good as they used to be) and dressing appropriately for your age and also the occasion.


I went on to talk about body shapes and colouring and the best styles to suit your shape and colouring.  Knowing this will ensure you look stylish and professional which in turn gives you confidence.  I also talked about how you can add personality to your corporate look so you don’t look boring and stand out for the right reasons especially since so many work places are more relaxed in their workwear.


I also answered questions and gave 1:1 styling sessions after my talk so I could personalise the information even further.


Having a stylist talk to you or shop with you at least once in your life will save you so much time and money in the long run because you know exactly what suits you and where to shop for it.  Having a corporate stylist can elevate the look of your company and it’s employees even further.


If you, your team or your company would like me to speak at your next event, please contact us.

Style Doctor Kash xx