Pure Smile teeth whitening

Lean all about my Pure Smile teeth whitening experience, which had amazing results in 1.5 hours.

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Central Coast Fashion Week- 22nd - 26th March

The Central Coast will be  celebrating style for the inaugural ‘Central Coast Fashion Week’, taking place on Wednesday March 22nd to Sunday 26th March at Bombini restaurant.  Bombini at Avoca Beach combines food ...Read More

Wedding shoe inspiration

Choosing your perfect wedding shoe depends on a number of factors including:

1. Your wedding venue: Church vs Beach vs Outdoor.  If your venue is outside on grass or at the beach then a stiletto heel is out of the ...Read More

Trending- The slipper


The slipper is a huge trend this Autumn and it’s the perfect shoe for this ‘in between’ weather.


The slipper made a big come back last year made most famous by the Guc...Read More

Corporate Style Talks

Corporate Style Talks are back for 2017

We have run Corporate Style Talks and Corporate Style Workshops both at Westfield Sydney and in-house at various companies over the last few years and we will continue to kee...Read More

'Desert Flowers'- Bridal shoot

This incredible shoot takes you into the scintillating sand dunes of Cronulla where we transformed three stunning models, Valentina Toth, Katherine Knight and Disa Angostoem, into modern barefoot brides. The photographer, Carolin Marg...Read More

Swimwear guide

Today is Australia Day and for most people it involves a dip in the ocean or a backyard pool which means a good pair of swimmers, togs, bathers, cossies (or whatever you call them) is essential.


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Little White Dress

1 Dress styled 3 ways

If you haven’t got one yet, I strongly suggest you do because it’s not only a summer wardrobe staple it’s also very versatile and you all know how I love vers...Read More