With Father's Day one week away (Sunday 5th September, 2015) I asked some of the Dad's I know what they would like for Father's Day and I hope this helps spark some ideas for you.

1. A new golf driver or golf balls.  Ok if he's not a golfer this is not for him but think of his favourite sport or what he likes to do. If you're not sure of the right brand then ask his best mate.

2. A new wallet- depending on your budget you could buy a Ted Baker one on; one from Oroton; or even a Dunhill one from .  All we ask is that you buy a genuine leather one because it not only looks better but it wears a lot better and will last a lot longer.


3. New shoes- Aquila have a great new collection of footwear.  I went to their showing a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed with the quality of the leather and the design work in their new collection.


4. New shirts- I can never go past MJ Bale for shirts.  The quality of the cotton is great, the stitching, the styles and the colours are top notch, plus The Style Doctor receives 20% off at MJ Bale.

5. A new tie- We love this one from Brent Wilson because it looks great and at $59 it won't break the bank!

6. A Mont Blanc pen- This is the Ferrari of the pen world.  

Now if your Dad is anything like my Dad and tells myself and my siblings that he has everything he needs and that we shouldn't waste our money on him then this is where you need to get creative.  You still want to show you love him and appreciate everything he has done for you so what about making his favourite cake if he has a sweet tooth or give a voucher or an IOU.  Here are some examples:

7. Vouchers for technical support- my Dad often asks to look at his laptop, his email, his iphone, his iPad etc because even though I am no tech genious I can generally figure it out for him.  I am always more than happy to do it for him but I know he was happy last year when I gave him vouchers for tech support.  OR you could give him a new phone or iPad and part of the present could be to teach him how to use it (if they don't know already).


8. Voucher for a Boys night out with a curfew TBC- this was obviously a suggestion from my husband and even though he has a lot of boys nights anyway I think he just likes holding the power of when he can use his free 'Boys Night out card'.  This is a perfect voucher the father of your kids (not so much your own Dad).


I know we're biased but one of our vouchers for personal styling or personal shopping is a great gift because if he uses it you get a very stylish husband or Dad, or if he decides not to use it keep it for yourself!

9. Virtual Styling or Personal shopping voucher from The Style Doctor.  We truely believe that this is the gift that keeps on giving because not only will we find some great pieces for your husband or Dad to look stylish in, you get the benefits of having a stylish man to go out with.

I hope this helps.

I would like to wish my Dad a very Happy Father's Day and to thank him for all the love and support over the years.  For someone who never had a Dad (his Dad died in World War II while his Mum was pregnant with him- a story for another time), he has been an amazing Dad.  He was very strict growing up but you realise now when you become a parent that this comes from love and wanting to protect his kids.

I would like to wish my husband and the Father of our 2 beautiful blondies a very happy Father's Day too.  Thanks for all your love and support and for all you do for our kids.  P.S. don't even think about the Free boys night out card!

From all of us at The Style Doctor, we would like to wish all the Dads in the world a very Happy Father's Day!!!